Friday, 28 October 2011

ooh la la my first post..

Hello my name is Dee!

really happy face! hahaha (taken on webcam, fuzzzzzy)
So as you can tell by the picture I’m happy hahah YAY!  Finally sorted out my blog! I was with my lovely friend Izzie in a free period earlier at College and she was telling me how she had started one! And yeah I’ve had a REALLY good week despite it being cold and sorting out my personal statement for uni’ (which is so flippin’ boring) I got wonderful news yesterday I GOT A JOB! at NEXT, sooooo happy and my best friend Jess had an interview for a uni the day before and it went we went to town for lunch and had a good chat and laughed about things no one else would understand ha don’t you just love it when that happens? Anyways got back home and was like hell yes I’m going to start this tonight! And hey presto! What a perfect way to start the weekend! 
I'm going to blog about things i love so like fashion, music, films,and what's happening in my life or places I'm going  so yeah pretty much everything and anything! 
 so stay tuned! & follow me please and i'll follow you bacccccck :) 

love, dkp xo


  1. you're so pretty!xxx

  2. aww thank you so much! :) just checked out your blog i love it and your hair is gorgeous by the way! xxxx