Thursday, 17 November 2011

you and me baby ain't nothing but mammals

faux fur babyyyyyy!

so so so cosy on cold days, not going to lie feel a tad bit like a nutter around college but hey ho!
title of post flippin love this song to bits: bloodhound hang- bad touch

love, dkp xo

Monday, 14 November 2011

I hope it gives you hell...

made this cheeky set on polyvore! check it out link 'deepalkpatel' below xxxxxxxxxxx
title post: all american rejects- i hope it gives you hell
love dkp xo
I hope it gives you hell

One shoulder cocktail dress
£40 -

Wet Seal platform high heels
$30 -

Dolce Gabbana quilted handbag
€232 -

¥2,100 -

Kate Spade cocktail ring
$78 -

Mini Notes Notebook
£15 -

Friday, 4 November 2011

She likes red lipstick, fish and chips orange juice and trips to the seaside..

i loveeeeeeee red lipstick it's my faveee, I currently use No7's Moisture Drench 110 Dare Devil SPF 15 (£10.00) from Boots , I personally think it's great and lasts a good few hours too , I usually put on 'light kiss' by Nivea lip care before to make my lip softer/smooth and then after a coat of lipstick I put a layer of maybelline watershine lip gloss in 'clearly clear'

p.s the post name is a line from song by a band Skint and Demoralised- Red Lipstick
& I do actually like all those things yay!

love, dkp xo

Gothic- art work

I've have been super busy with work as per this week and trying to catch up on subjects and e.t.c! So I’m going to try and post every Friday or whenever I'm free before that which is probably never aha, So I'm in my last year of fine art textile course at college and at the moment and I'm doing a self set brief on GOTHIC which was a joint decision with fellow pupils in my class, got to admit after deciding to do gothic it has taken me quite a while to get into it but. I’ve decided I think I’m going to base it on human anatomy like skulls, ribs, bones! I’ve taken a few images of my sketchbook so far (below) 

I also went to the Collections Resources Centre in Sileby near Quorn (Leicestershire) with my friend Charlotte on Wednesday 2nd of Nov to get some inspiration from garments and accessories, it was the first time I’d ever  been and I was really impressed with what was there! Basically you ring up and ask for a viewing and tell them what sort of theme, decade or era your working towards and then they whip out all the garments and accessories they think match what you have told them and then you can take photos and notes on what you see, but they have like everything there and have been collecting since 1849! they separate their railings of clothes in different categories such as, occupational wear from the 1960’s,  sportswear, men’s waistcoats, military wear, women’s wear 1970’s and so so so much more, each garment is cared for and kept for people to get inspiration with, and they also work with the clothing company NEXT and they give the resources centre one men and women outfit every season, and then there designers come in when they start designing clothes for future items and look at past trends and ideas for inspiration! How cool :) but yeah attached some images from that afternoon too! hope you like them :)

my mind map (first page) for my gothic project 

working from a still life from the classroom- bottles made from different media's the large bottle/vase on the left is trappings of paint in clingfilm and then it had been left to dry i then placed wadding underneath and machine stitched the top to create a water ripple padded effect.

Ram head skull- which was also in the still life, made this by sketching the outline, and then using  quink ink , watered down and then straight from the bottle to add tones to the skull then simply used bleach to dye the ink and create the highlights.
side way view of human skull, painted on muslin, used white, black and grey  acrylics, then stitched on top with the sewing machine  - inspiration for this piece is leonardo da vinci

zoomed in skull image of previous photo

fan from the 1965's 

rail of clothes they had taken out for us 

me holding a cape from the 1990's- velvet patterns 

cape- laura ashley 1876

the studio the clothes are kept in- one side shown

black corset - busk front 

slik-lace-black cardigan cape- 1866

evening dress- with white lace embroidery - 1972

black leather boots with buttons- 1963
love, dkp xo